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Economic Development

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The City of Live Oak, with a current population of approximately 8,500 residents is strategically located along the Highway 99 corridor between Yuba City and Chico. The City is poised for economic growth, and welcomes your serious consideration of investing in the community’s future.

Live Oak’s Trade Area Demographics

Live Oak’s retail market area extends beyond the City’s jurisdictional limits, and includes an estimated 11,484 people and 3,343 households. Live Oak is a growing community that anticipates a 35 percent increase in population by 2035. This growth will result in 11,233 residents and a retail market area of 15,439 people by 2035.

Learn more about Live Oak’s demographics.

Live Oak’s Market Demand

A market demand exists for retail, office, and residential development.

There is currently a retail deficit of 76,690 square feet, a deficit that is anticipated to grow to approximately 150,000 square feet by 2035. Live Oak has limited leasable office properties, which are typically fully leased. This indicates that the market is undersupplied and likely could support additional office space. An additional 23,283 square feet of office space will be required to meet the projected growth in professional and medical office employment by 2035.

With 2,892 additional residents or 846 additional households anticipated by 2035, Live Oak could support approximately 685 single-family units and 119 multi-family units. Check out the Downtown Reinvestment Plan below to learn more about Live Oak’s market demand and reinvestment opportunities.